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  • Every company has an essence -
    derived from its people, its culture and its vision...
    we call that essence, its SOUL.

  • Vision

    Build solutions that enhance productivity
    and define our customer’s brands.

  • Mission

    Providing profit maximizing solutions to our customers



Inet Technologies is built around the ever changing IT needs of businesses in today’s environment. Our primary need to help companies utilize technology to aid in their business, this can be in the form of web solutions, Internet marketing or mobile application building. Technology has always been about making life simpler and at Inet Technologies we strongly believe in this, which is why we provide turn key solutions that assist our customers by giving them that extra edge that they need in their business. Our solutions are expandable and provide user friendly Graphical User Interfaces(GUI). We recognize that in our fast paced lives we relay on multiple different devices which is why our solutions are built to integrate multiple devices and provide the shortest possible learning curve. Not only do we provide great productivity applications, we also understand that the business brand is important to our customers. With our Online Marketing Solutions we help businesses have a strong online presence which is why working with Inet Technologies, our customers get a bundle of technology related services that brings results on their investments.

Our Approach

Our approach to Projects is guided by the need to provide information in a visual form and satisfy the needs of the client. The design should function as a guide when needed and a backdrop when appropriate as well as a user friendly interface environment to ensure customer satisfaction. Information design requires that a dynamic relationship exist between the information being presented and the effortless assimilation of that information by the user. Our Solutions provide users with a user friendly environment to review information that is of interest and therefore enabling the users to get time saving and effortless results. This zone should reflect the style and content of the information enabling the user to utilize resources effectively. Latest development methods implimented by our team enable us embed information into a cohesive experience. The result is a comfortable and positive experience for the end user.


Full service method

Inet Technologies believes that successful initiatives come as a result of comprehensive and strategic mobilization across a number of fronts. Accordingly, our team is organized to handle your IT requirements from design, security, and technical standpoints. This means that we take everything from development technology requirements, to implementation and security needs into consideration when examining your over-arching business goals. Our team believes that working with one firm, on an intimate basis, results in the preservation of continuity among all major success criterion.


In the discovery phase, Inet is focused on understanding project goals and objectives. This includes “as is” and “to be” analysis through a discovery forum session. The main purpose of this stage is to ascertain the lay of the land and to construct a communicative foundation upon which to begin to define the actual scope of our work together.


The delivery stage consists of: Installation, Training, Support and warrenty.


In the Define phase, we are focused on bringing clarity and organization to the project through phase planning, priority setting,
and fiscal analysis. This phase may include a number of deliverables including:

Business Model

ROI, Competitive, and Content analysis

Strategic Design Components

Modules, Creative Brief, Features and Functions Document, Look Feel Prototypes, Focus Group Studies,Workflow Documents for Application and Database Development

Strategic Work Plan

Surveys, Development Plan,Work Plan Schedule for Implementation, and Budgeted Breakdown for Critical Tasks


Our Team

Our organization has resources to analyze, design and develop applications using path breaking technologies. Both pre-sales and post sales have their own research areas on state-of-the-art hardware and software platforms. Project head All projects are cordinated by our project head who plans on the technologies to be used and allocates them to the right department either at the project level or at the modular level.

Project Head

All projects are cordinated by our project head who plans on the technologies to be used and allocates them to the right department either at the project level or at the modular level.

Web department

Our web department is focused on everything to do with the internet, be it programming mailshots, developing websites, setting up adsense, setting hosting or emails etc... Our web team is highly trained to be able to provide positive results.

Application department

Be it development, intergration, installation or training our experts are well trained in developing applications using microsoft’s .NET technologies. Our Application department’s primery focus over the next few years is mobile platform development i.e. RIM, IOS, ANDROID etc...

Designs and Marketing

Our designs and marketing department not only support’s the app and web department to build great GUI’s but is ever busy in producing creatives for content updates and online marketing.


Our hardware section focuses on enchancing your work capabilities through upgrading your facilities. Be it computer screens smartboards or tablets this section contains only the best facilities.